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cruelty and abuse against animal

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Cozoumel the cat almost lost his eye, when the priest (actually his title is V. Rev. )Iakovos Koutsakis attacked him, armed with an aluminum rod half -broken broom. The priest was after the cat, manacing and striking the animal, in a way to lead it back in the rented basement apartment. This happened about 9 pm on September 2, 2008.

The horrible act was crowned with the priest calling at the police to complain the animal was outside the basement apartment. The tenants had opened the door to have air coming in at their suffocated basement apartment. To insult to the injury, the phony individual covered with the black robe of the priest his pants and the shirt he was wearing a few minutes ago and was waiting for the police.
The owners had not notice the cat was injured at that point. The scared animal was hiding. The damage was discovered a few hours later, when they noticed that Cozoumel was refusing to eat and was hiding at a dark corner.

The doctor verified there was a wound on his left eye caused by penetration of a foreign object. the eye was red and closed. Cozoumel seemed to be in pain. His ten-day therapy was administered twice- a- day included three different drugs.
I have to say that when people are victimized not all of them can react in a justified way. The owner was sick all day believe with high blood pressure. The dismay and the surprise do not let someone react immediately. Someone never expects a god representative can act in inhumane way. Then, the harrasment takes place when the element of surprise has been in place by the harrasser.
The attack against the animal was part of the tactics of the landlord - priest to throw out of their apartment the tenants - in a series of events since July. Imagine he is a man of God.